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Community is the focus of SOOS OIO. We love running TeleTrip and engaging the gamers online. I never thought we will have a program on game dependency. It was not part of my plan. In fact the problem of game addiction was brought up to me many times at different occasions. I understand the escalating issue but I felt I could not do much to help. Putting together the Game Addiction talk and sharing my understanding through a simple ebook were possibly the most we can do. At least that was what I thought.

Through a series of events in a short span of time, my heart was stirred to do more for gamers who are losing themselves in games. So I texted Nic Lim, our advising Psychologist, hoping he will discourage me on this emotionally charged crazy idea. Instead, he responded with urgency as he is convicted that this need has to be addressed. We met for lunch within the next two days which is not usual as our meetings are booked in advance due to tight schedules. To my amazement, within the 1.5 hours lunch, we had the program framework. This was the birth of COMEBACK, which did not have a name then. After which was lots of hard work to make this a reality.

To experience some disruptions in life due to games may not amount to game addiction as defined by the American Psychiatric Association and World Health Organization. By such definition, there are not many game addicts around in Singapore to warrant much attention. In reality, there are many who have lost control over their lives where a gamer is consumed with games and missed out on many important persons and things in life. We can do something before any gamer reaches extreme severity.

COMEBACK is designed to help gamers gain mastery over games within a community of gamers. The gamers do not have to fight alone, but other gamers under the guidance of those who had gained mastery. We navigate the challenges of game dependency with the participants, helping them gain a deeper self-awareness within a community who understands. We do not only stop at bringing gamers to neutral or survival mode. We incorporated Life Purpose Coaching into the program so that COMEBACKERs go beyond surviving games to have victory with a purpose.

To have more information about COMEBACK, please go to You can take the Game Dependency Test to see how your games health level is at

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