About TeleTrip

TeleTrip is conceptualized as an offline community building event.

TeleTrip dreams to tele people outside of Singapore to have a different gaming experience. It is a great opportunity to make new friends, or even find new team mates. We take care of your travel logistics like getting there & back, hotels and gaming space so that you can do what you love - with friends.

We seek to maximise the benefits of games, and mitigate its negatives by playing together. Participants through FUN experience:

  • Teamwork – The 30-40min TeleTalk on Teamwork gives everyone simple pointers in how to work as a team which they will apply throughout the whole day of play.
  • Making New Friends – We place participants into teams, mixing the pros and amateurs. They learn to work with gamers of different skill levels and people of different backgrounds.
  • Strategic Thinking – Teamwork is only effective when the team plays strategically. Gamers will need to work smart together to defeat the other teams.

TeleTrip Key Components

Teamwork TeleTalk
A lesson on Teamwork of about 30-40min for all participants by our esports DOTA 2 coach, Ruth Lim. Ruth also teaches the Team Management Module at Informatics Diploma in Esports and Game Design.
All participants are placed into teams for a friendly match. We ensure that they make new friends in their teams. The coach will be present to observe their playing and advise when needed.
Pizza Party
We end off the TeleTrip with a prize presentation and a Pizza Party as a celebration.

Variants of TeleTrip

TeleTrip Express

TeleTrip Express

Traveling overseas to game only allows for a small percentage of gamers to participate. TeleTrip Express was created by condensing the key components into a one-day event in Singapore to allow more gamers to join us. Although the hours of confined travelling together and late night game plays that create deep bonds are not present, there is still much that gamers can enjoy in a day. We can run this with higher frequency and more gamers can join us.

TeleTrip Campus

Adapted from TeleTripExpress, TeleTrip Campus is organized in partnership with Singapore schools, within their school premises if possible, where we condense the key components of TeleTrip into a one-day event. The registration price is lower as the gamers will BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptops) for optimal performance. Option of computers at a cost might be provided depending on space and other factors.

Upcoming TeleTrips

DateTeleTrip Type & LocationGame Title
15 Jun 2019 (Sat)Campus SUTDMobile Legends
22 Jun 2019 (Sat)Campus SUTDLeague of Legends
29 Jun 2019 (Sat)Campus SUTDDOTA 2
17-26 August 2019TI9 ShanghaiDOTA 2


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Isaac "frozenkuku" Low TeleTrip KL - DOTA 2 - 17-19 Sept 2018

"After trying to form a team for over 2 years, it has helped me change my perspective of a team compared to a group. Of course, only time will tell when I try to apply what I've learnt in real life applications in future but the workshop was beneficial. Although, I think it was really too short and more emphasis could have been on the learning / discussions / sharing during the trip."

Richman "Deus Exima" Kum TeleTrip KL - DOTA 2 - 17-19 Sept 2018

"I learned that there are differing ways of communication and leadership that can both be equally effective in different situations. I also learnt that having players with small hero pools really does restrict the draft a lot and that I need to expand mine to avoid this."

Jacky "番薯" Poh TeleTrip Express 24 Nov 2018

"Was playing Dota 2 since 2013, never know that effective communication is one of the key that lead to winning. Although TeleTrip Express is only a day, I learnt that effective communication could be one of the key that lead to winning. By the end of the day, discussion over matches with pizza is one of the best things"

Past TeleTrips

TeleTrip Campus Informatics - Mobile Legends (23 Mar 2019)

Location: Informatics Academy @ NLB
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TeleTrip Campus NUS - DOTA 2 (9 Mar 2019)

Location: National University of Singapore - Yusof Ishak House
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TeleTrip Express - DOTA 2 (24 Nov 2018)

Location: Gam3.Asia
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TeleTrip KL - DOTA 2 (17-19 Sept 2018)

Location: The Pantheon
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