From Teammates to Friends: TeleTrip Campus SUTD – Mobile Legends

From Teammates to Friends: TeleTrip Campus SUTD – Mobile Legends

Group Photo

It was our second TeleTrip for the Mobile Legends players and so glad to see familiar faces again at TeleTrip Campus SUTD – Mobile Legends on 15 June 2019. We are thankful to be part of MLBB Esports for Everyone Project once again, which allowed us to award in-game diamonds to the players. All the players’ efforts are greatly appreciated for joining us and sharing about TeleTrip to your friends and gaming groups!

Fired Up

It was amazing to see how energetic the players were in the morning! While some players came in an hour early and some came straight after work, their energy to chat with each other, to focus during TeleTalk and to discuss the game was constantly high. This time, we had a room full of (mythical) stars and even players with age ranging from 13 to 38 years old!

As usual, we started with self-introduction to warm up with each other and to understand our opponents. Without any delays, everyone shared their in-game name and favourite heroes. The players made sure that the facilitators and organisers introduced ourselves too!

Based on the previous feedback from TeleTripers to have a chance to play against every team, we decided to change TeleMatch format to a round-robin best-of-two where the winner is determined by the most number of wins. To spice things up, in a case where there’s a tie-breaker, the team with the most kills wins TeleMatch. This encouraged the players to not only think about winning but also to play more carefully and strategically.

It was a privilege to watch the players overcome their circumstances as a team throughout the day. Below are some key events that happened to each team.

1. Communication – how it greatly impacted their games positively

2. Teamwork – one for all, all for one – staying together through the bad weather (or cold aircon and unstable data connection)

3. Objective-gaming – to play on own team’s strengths & objectives and not react to the opponents’ strengths and movement.

Keeping Team Morale High: Team 1

In their first game of TeleMatch, Team 1 lost badly to Team 2. Some of the players were affected by the loss. At this moment, some of the older players took the initiative to encourage the team and focus on their game plan. This little action went a long way as Team 1 managed a comeback and took game 2 off Team 2 convincingly. Throughout the day, the older players kept the team morale up while the younger players kept the energy level up through the wins and losses.

Learning to Accept Each Other: Team 2

Team 2 was made up of players with very diverse personalities. Some players loved chatting and hyping the game up while some players preferred the peace to focus on the game. Although they had their own preferences on how the games should be played, they decided to complement each other’s weaknesses with their strengths and even ended up scoring the most kills, winning the Most Teamwork Prize!

Playing According to the Team’s Strength: Team 3

Team 3 was a team with good communications and teamwork demonstrated even in the warm up round, almost as if they were playing together for a long time. They won their games until they met Team 4, who was a strong contender. In their first game against Team 4, the game was really close and a slight mistake was all it took for Team 4 to win.  The second game went badly for Team 3, which left them to think if they got figured out.

Turned out that Team 3 was distracted by Team 4’s drafting and tried to counter them instead of focusing on their own strategy and strengths. After discussing with the team and reflecting on the game, Team 3 managed to continuously refine their team plays throughout TeleMatch.

Effective Communication: Team 4

During the warm up game, it was quite obvious that Team 4 lacked communication due to the silence. Although they won the warm up game and their first game at TeleMatch, most of them were playing silo.

In order to improve communications in the team, players who were playing in the same lane sat beside each other. This gave the opportunity for them to nudge each other physically for responses. They learnt to call out their targets during a team fight so that they knew who they were planning to take down first and coordinated their fights better.

Team 4’s communication improved significantly throughout the games and ended up winning all their games.

(An interesting note about Team 4: Their team was so close that they decided to move out of the room during gameplay when some of the players were feeling cold and came back into the room during the break as a team)

Trying Their Best No Matter What: Team 5

Team 5 had an interesting situation: they lacked a mid player and had a limited hero pool. Despite this, they tried their best in every game. It would be easy to give up and blame their circumstances. Instead, they did not complain and focused on the small goals of 15 kills that we set together. Once when I passed their team, they looked at me and said “we reached 15 kills!” cheerfully. With such sportsmanship and determination, it was no wonder that Team 5 ended up achieving the Most Spirited Team award!

Objective Gaming: Team 6

Team 6 had a player down due to flu and had to be replaced with one of our facilitators after their warm up game. Despite the player swaps, they were determined to focus on the next game. They discussed intensely with Freddy our facilitator, after their games, focusing on in-game objectives. Even though the first few games were rough, the team managed to improve and proved that they were the team to beat, resulting in the Most Improved Team award.

Even though they won all their games, the team remained humble and still continued to reflect on what could have been improved after every game. Truly deserving of their winner title!

Really impressed with every team’s progress during TeleTrip. Great job guys!

Prize Presentation and Pizza Party

We had five TeleTrip Campus winner tags for the winning team. We had additional prizes for the “Most Improvement Team”, “Best Teamwork”, “Most Spirited Team”, “MVP” and “Best Support” as well. The winning team received an Aftershock mouse each. “Best Teamwork” received Aftershock backpacks and “Most Improvement Team” received Aftershock mousepads.

Additional prizes:

  • TeleMatch winners received 1000 diamonds per player
  • “Most Improvement Team” and “Best Teamwork” received 500 diamonds per player
  • “Most Spirited Team” received 200 diamonds per player
  • “MVP” and “Best Support” received 300 diamonds each
  • All participants did not go home empty-handed. Those who were not awarded prizes received 100 diamonds each.

Also, special mention to Nafeeq who really wanted his friends to experience TeleTrip and was even willing to cover their costs, only to realise that they could not make it last minute. We are unable to refund him as part of our policy. To appreciate his heart towards TeleTrip and as a form of encouragement, we decided to award him a token of appreciation with the diamonds that his three friends were supposed to receive, a total of 300 diamonds. Double-win for him as he ended TeleTrip as a victor with additional diamonds!

With six June babies in the midst of us, we decided to celebrate the birthdays of Bryan, Ye Man, Caleb, Brian Gabriel, Calvin and Jayce! As this was a surprise, they did not know why they were called out until the cake appeared and we sang the birthday song. Happy blessed birthday!

After stuffing themselves with pizzas, it was time to bond during the pizza party. What better way to bond other than playing the game we love together? We ended up forming random in-game parties to play the different modes, including the facilitators and me! It was really heartwarming to see everybody having lots of joy and laughter while playing the game, despite our different ranks, experience, and age.

I am so glad to see how excited and bonded the players were after TeleTrip and to the point of asking when the next TeleTrip is! We all stayed in touch via a WhatsApp group and till this day, we’re still gaming and chatting with each other.

Thank Yous!

Thank you SUTD for providing the venue for TeleTrip Campus! Appreciate the support from all our partners, MLBB Esports for Everyone Project, AftershockPC, Kangaroo Nuts and SCOGA in making this TeleTrip Campus possible. Shoutout to Freddy and Wah Yi for all the help. Last but not least, to the gamers who came and made TeleTrip such a fun and memorable day for all of us ^-^

Hope to see you at the next TeleTrip Campus!

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TeleTrip Campus SUTD Jun 2019 – Mobile Legends

TeleTrip Campus SUTD ML Jun19 Banner
TeleTrip Campus SUTD Jun 2019 - Mobile Legends

Wanna increase your chances of WINNING in Mobile Legends and make new friends?

Experience the thrill of close gameplays with teammates of different skill levels at TeleTrip. Unlock your potential with loads of fun, new teammates, new friends and PIZZA PARTY! You have opportunities to win in-game diamonds too!

We are heading down into the SUTD Campus this Jun for a WHOLE DAY Mobile Legends gaming! For those who are new to TeleTrip, you can read more at

For TeleTrip Campus, you have to BYOM (Bring Your Own Mobile & Charger).

Event Details

  • Date: 15 Jun 2019 (Sat)
  • Time: 10am – 9pm
  • Fees: S$20/pax. Open to public. A simple packed lunch is included for this TeleTrip for convenience.
    Special price of S$18 for SUTD students, please provide your matriculation number during registration (NB: the registered SUTD student has to be the person playing on the actual day)
  • Registration Deadline: 2 June 2019 (Sun)
  • Venue: Singapore University of Technology and Design – Building 2 Level 2 Room: TT16/17
    (8 Somapah Rd, Singapore 487372. MRT: Upper Changi Station- Blue Downtown Line. Exit B and walk into SUTD)
  • Facebook Event Page: 

Read more about the last TeleTrip Campus Mobile Legends at

Fees include:

SG TeleTrip Fees Includes

Special Note:

  • Registration Flow: The total registrants need to be in multiples of five to play a match as a team. Minimum 20 registrants registrants. Registration is first come first serve. In the event if the final numbers do not make up multiples of five, those beyond the last multiple of five will be placed in the waitlist. For example, if there are 28 registrants, the last 3 will be placed in the waitlist. Registrants who are not accepted in this TeleTrip will be given priority for the next TeleTrip.
  • Confirmed Registration: Registration is only confirmed after payment is received. Payment details is emailed to you after submission of the form below. We will send you a confirmation email after payment is received. Please check your junk mail.
  • Individual Registration: You do not need to register as a team as we take in registration individually. SOOS OIO’s decision of team arrangements is final.
  • Latercomers: The teams and team members for TeleMatch will be disclosed at the start of the TeleTrip Campus event. Teamwork begins at the start. To prevent disadvantaging your team, those who are late will be replaced by those who are on the waitlist already present. Latecomers might end up without a team if multiples of five are complete and thus may not be able play the TeleMatch.
  • Waitlist registrants DO NOT need to make payment until your registration is confirmed. Waitlist registrants can be present at the event at 10am and we will slot you in when confirmed registrants no show or are very late.
  • NO refund will be given after registration is confirmed and payment is made.

Mobile Legends SOOS Facebook Group

For those who love Mobile Legends but cannot join us for this TeleTrip, we will like to invite you to our Mobile Legends SOOS Facebook Group. It is a group that has curated content about Mobile Legends. It is a space to meet other players as well. It is our commitment to you to build a Mobile Legends community that is fun, encouraging and engaging. Help us to build this community by join the group now.



The Inaugural Mobile Legends TeleTrip Campus

The Inaugural Mobile Legends TeleTrip Campus

The Inaugural Mobile Legends TeleTrip Campus

There were many first times in TeleTrip Campus Informatics – Mobile Legends on 23 March 2019. It was our first time working with Informatics students to organise TeleTrip and to have Mobile Legends as the title game for TeleTrip. We are thankful to be part of the MLBB Esports For Everyone Project which allowed us to award in-game diamonds. We greatly appreciate the players who joined us so enthusiastically and share  TeleTrip to their friends!

Warming Up

Confirmed TeleTrip participants were added into a WhatsApp chat group a few days before TeleTrip to get to know each other. We love the energy of this group as we were pleasantly surprised to have almost 200+ messages within a span of thirty minutes! They were sharing their in-game profiles and even inviting each other for games. It was amazing to see how they interacted despite not knowing each other prior to this.

Like the previous TeleTrips, most of the players arrived early and had the chance to chat before TeleTalk started. It took some time for the players to introduce themselves as they were quite shy at the start, but proud that they were able to do it nonetheless.

After TeleTalk, the 30 players moved to their allocated teams and discussed their game plans before playing their warm-up matches. Most of the warm-up matches resulted in a one-sided win, which meant that the teams had a lot to discuss on what and how improve over lunch.

During TeleMatch, the teams were matched against teams that they had not played against during the warm-up games. The pressure increased and situations arose that tested a team’s teamwork and determination. It was definitely challenging but all the teams overcame them with lots of fun and joy!

Here are some lessons that were learnt from the teams’ experiences.


Overcoming Tough Situations with Positivity: Team 4

What do you do after your team suffers from a bad loss? Fight harder, of course! Despite Team 4’s collective effort to come up with an effective game plan earlier, they suffered a crushing lost during the warm-up game against Team 3.

It definitely affected the team’s morale slightly, but they focused on feedback and ways to improve their coordination to prepare for their first series against Team 2. When asked if they could win Team 2, they jokingly answered “yes” unanimously. With that, the team’s spirit lifted and they played with ease. They managed to win two games against Team 1 to proceed.

It was time for a rematch against Team 3. Again, the same question was asked, if they think they could win against Team 3. This time, they answered, “we will try our best”. There was definitely a shift in their mindset and how they communicated.

Although they ended losing two games to Team 3 again, this time the games were really close compared to the warm-up game. This loss motivated them to work harder after experiencing improvements and progress as a team.

Small Things That Matters: Team 5

Team 5 had players who were strong, but their lack of communication held the team back from performing. They tried changing up their roles but had no effect on their results.

We realised the experienced players were much older than the other players, which made it more convenient for the experienced players to communicate among themselves while the younger players shyly kept to themselves.

In order to create stronger bonds and accountability in the team, the team decided to change their in-game roles such that an experienced player would be paired with a younger player in a lane. Although the younger player did not play tank, he was willing to trust the team and go ahead with the plan. They also swapped positions such that the players in the same lane were sitting together to facilitate communication.

With this new arrangement, the team’s communication improved tremendously. The young teammate admitted that he had a low win rate in ranked games as a tank, which made him avoid playing tank ever since. He was surprised that his team won multiple games as he played tank. He was greatly motivated to try more roles now.

Team 5’s efforts paid off as they started winning their remaining games convincingly, which even earned them the prize of the “Best Improvement Team”.

Understanding is Key: Team 1

Team 1 started well with a great team morale, communication and even lots of laughter especially after winning their warm-up game. Everything looked great until their first series against Team 6, one of the stronger teams.

As Team 1 was playing their second game against Team 6, it was obvious that the team morale has dipped as they were not communicating and coordinating. They ended up losing both games.

Things got heated as they argued on how the game should be played and how some of them were not performing according to their roles. In order to resolve their differences, every teammate was encouraged to share their concerns instead of suppressing them.

Taking into consideration all team mate’s concerns, the solution was to manage their expectations of each other. Everybody was trying to win, but each’s approach was different due to different perspectives and experiences.

The team decided to regroup and work together for the remaining games. The change in their attitude towards each other was so great that they ended up winning the “Most Spirited Team”.

How every team overcame their problems was definitely inspiring. We could feel their hunger towards learning and improving. Great job teams!

Prize Presentation and Pizza Party

We had five TeleTrip Campus winner tags for the winning team. We had additional prizes for the “Most Improvement Team”, “Best Teamwork”, “Most Spirited Team”, “MVP” and “Best Support” as well. The winning team received an Aftershock mouse each. “Best Teamwork” received Aftershock mousepads and “Most Improvement Team” received Aftershock backpacks.

Additional prizes:

  • TeleMatch winners received 1000 diamonds per player
  • “Most Improvement Team” and “Best Teamwork” received 500 diamonds per player
  • “Most Spirited Team” received 200 diamonds per player
  • “MVP” and “Best Support” received 300 diamonds each
  • All participants do not go home empty-hand. Those who were not awarded prizes received 100 diamonds each.

This TeleTrip, we managed to have a “Fastest Pizza Eater” contest and most of the hungry boys quickly joined in!

It was a time full of laughter as they tried to finish the slice of pizza quickly. In order to prove that they have finished the pizza completely, they had to raise their hands and stick out their tongues while making sure nothing come out of their mouths.

Irfan ended up as the “Fastest Pizza Eater”, earning him 50 diamonds and bragging rights in our FPE Hall of Fame.

Even though TeleTrip has ended for over a week, the WhatsApp group chat is still going strong.  Till we meet and play again in person… meantime, online works too!


Dosen “χ.тαкєσ” Low
Before: I wasn’t sure if my roaming, farming and ganking was right when I was playing marksman and assassins. I was always sticking to the lane given and didn’t help my teammates. After: I learned a lot of new things about the teletrip class. I noticed that my farming was totally wrong but as Amos and ruth explained to me the proper way to farm and roam at the same time, I slowly improved my gameplay. Another thing I learn was to communicate with my team more as I am a very anti social person XDD BUT as time pass I started to communicate with my team and we manage to get the best teamwork award which was surprisingly exciting since we all started from idk who you are or you are a stranger I don’t wanna talk to you but ya we eventually talked to each other and I would like to thanks the team for helping me get the mvp player award as it was unexpected 😂 without teamwork there is no winning!

Axl “° вαиαиα °” Teo
During TeleTrip, I learnt that even though if one player on the team is extremely good , it is useless without teamwork and whereas a team with teamwork and communication can bring the team furthur as compared to a team without teamwork and communication. To me its important to trust my teammates as well.

Thank Yous!

Thank you Informatics Academy for providing the venue for TeleTrip Campus and the Event Management students for all the help. Appreciate the support from all our partners, MLBB Esports For Everyone Project, AftershockPCPEZZOKangaroo NutsSCOGAEsports Academy and NYC in making this TeleTrip Campus possible. Last but not least, to the gamers who came and made TeleTrip such a fun and memorable day for all of us. =)

Facebook Photo Album of TeleTrip Campus Informatics Mar 2019:

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Videos of the Finals