Learning and Leadership through Esports

Esports Academy has put together a leadership and life skills programme for youths called “Learning and Leadership through Esports“. Gaming is a part of the environment that young people grow up with. Although excessive gaming is a problem, just like how television was a major concern just 1-2 decades ago, this program seeks to harness the […]

Eve of Legends 3 Banner

Eve of Legends 2017

Greetings summoners! Calling all lady gamers for a surprise we have for you! Eve of Legends is back once again for the first ARAM tournament of the year held for the queens of the rift! Packed with RP, an exclusive EOL bracelet, comic goodie bags for all participants and many more prizes to be won throughout the event!

The 7 Categories of Social Media Title Banner

Social Media Categories

We are spoilt for choices as users of social media. They are not all the same although some are similar. SOOS OIO has defined 7 social media categories to help us navigate through the countless options. 1. Social Networking I will start with the most popular category with Facebook topping the charts garnering more than 1 billion users […]