Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Most of us who are active on social media have more than one account, be it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others. For those who are building reach on social media as a platform to showcase your talents, passion, or even products & services, using a social management tool will make your life a lot easier.


Social Media Management Tools

The managing of many various social media platforms makes me feel like an octopus at times. To streamline the process, having all the accounts visible in one screen is ideal! The Social Media Management Tool I use is Hootsuite. Hootsuite is the most popular social management tool available and there are definite reasons for this. Close behind Hootsuite is possibly Buffer but in terms of functionality based on the free account, I will choose Hootsuite. Here is a quick comparison table based on the free accounts of Hootsuite and Buffer.



Platforms SupportedTwitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, WordPress and InstagramTwitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin
Max social profiles31 for each platform, i.e. 4 in total
  • Twitter Profile, Engagement Summary & Detailed, Aggregate
  • Facebook Page Overview, Insights and Aggregate
  • Linkedin Page Insights
  • Google Analytics
  • Click Summary & URL Click Stats
Basic – optimal daily post time for each platform
Massage SchedulingUnlimitedUp to 10 scheduled posts per profile
Free AppsYouTube Free, Tumblr,, Blogger, Tailwind for Pinterest,NIL
Trends and Content FeedTrendSpottr, StumbleUpon, etcNIL

As you can see from the table, Hootsuite wins hands down in terms of functionality. Putting functionality aside, I like the design and user interface of Buffer a whole lot more than Hootsuite’s. Functionality over aesthetics for this.



The scheduling function keeps me on top of the demands of social media. The common convenient method is to link social media accounts so that when a post is up on one platform, the others will also be updated. A typical example will be an Instagram post is posted on linked Facebook and Twitter accounts. This works for personal accounts since reach is not the focus. If you are looking at strategically growing your reach, it is good to understand the times of the day your target audience gets onto each different social media platform. Each social media platform has its optimal post times in a day, which may not be the most convenient time to stop and write a post. If I have 4 social media accounts to update once each day at different times, I will have to interrupt my schedule 4 times and more if the frequency of updates is higher. This can get confusing and messy, increasing the possibilities of error.


The scheduling function is the solution. I can schedule the dates and time my posts go live on individual social media accounts without interrupting my daily schedule. I can even allocate a certain amount of time on certain day to plan my posts, especially when I have my content strategy. It is important to note that the messaging for each platform can also be varied and tailored, like Twitter only allows 140 letters while the others have a larger text allowance. Hashtags of each platform also varies a little and getting hashtags correct for each platform will also help you to get a little further. If you are interested to know exactly how this works, here’s a video by Hootsuite on how you can compose and schedule message in Hootsuite. You can sign up for a free account and try it yourself!


Trends and Content Feed

Finding quality content to share can be time consuming. There are free apps that you can add on Hootsuite like Trendspottr, StumbleUpon and that provides a content feed from different sources based on the given keyword. The content is easily shared through scheduled post on any of the social media accounts.


RSS Feed

Not found in Buffer’s free account, Hootsuite allows posts of up to 2 RSS feeds in the free account. Hootsuite will automatically posts an update whenever a new post comes up on the RSS Feed added. The RSS feed can be a website that has quality content that you will like to blast out each time new posts are up or even your own website.


Hope this short and simple article gives you some ideas in managing all your social media accounts!


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