Set Up Donation on Your Twitch Channel

Set Up Donation on Your Twitch Channel

Set up a donation on your Twitch account is easy! It only takes three steps and you are all set and ready to get some income from your audience! One of the key things that people ask is how do I earn from live stream. If you are live streaming on Twitch, or planning to, donations are the first direct source of revenue from your audience. I like to think of it as a tip more than a donation. When your audience like what you are doing, they drop you a tip/donation to encourage and thank you.

Below are the three steps on setting up your Donation on your Twitch channel so that you can start monetizing as you live stream.


Step 1: Login to Your Paypal Account to get your PayPal.Me link

If you do not have a Paypal account, it is time to register for one now. It is free!

I love the new function of PayPal.Me link that allows your audience to decide any amount they want to give to you. If you are completely new to PayPal.Me I suggest you go to their FAQs to find out more.

Go to “Tools” in the top menu and click on “Request payments”. Then click on “Get you PayPal.Me link”. You can customize your link, depending on the availability of the name you chose.
Set Up Donation on Your Twitch Channel

I have chosen the name SOOSOIOLLP as it is the name of my company. So PayPal.Me/SOOSOIOLLP is the link I will use to set up my Twitch Donation.

Set Up Donation on Your Twitch Channel


Step 2: Download a Paypal Button or Create Your Own Donation Button

You can choose to download a Paypal Button from your Paypal account or even through Google. Or you can choose to create your own donation button. For me, I chose to create a simple customized one like the one below.

Twitch Donation Button


Step 3: Login to Your Twitch Account & Go to Your Channel Page

Select “Info” which is next to “Posts”. Add a panel to the “Info” for your Donation setup by clicking on the big “+” sign.

Set Up Donation on Your Twitch Channel


Fill in the fields in the panel. Add the button you created in Step 2. Fill up the field “Image Links To” with your PayPal.Me link. I choose not to indicate any amount so that the audience can choose how much they like to give to me. Give it a short and clear description and you are good to go!

Set Up Donation on Your Twitch Channel

All Set & Ready to Go!

In just 3 simple steps, you have your donation function set up on your Twitch Channel and ready to go! 🙂

Here’s how mine looks like. So have fun doing this!

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Set Up Donation on Your Twitch Channel




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