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Welcome to SOOS OIO Hardcore Or Casual Gamer Test

Ever wonder if you are a hardcore or casual gamer?

Does spending a lot of time playing one game make you a hardcore gamer?

From game design point of view, there are quite a number of factors that define a gamer as hardcore or casual. Some of the factors include:

  • The variety and quantity of games you play
  • The level of game challenge you enjoy
  • The knowledge of games and games technology
  • The duration of game play
  • The level of competitiveness
  • The level of integration of gaming into your lifestyle

Based on these factors, the terms Hardcore and Casual Gamer describe the game literacy of a gamer. Many equate a Hardcore Gamer as a Game Addict. By definition, an addict is one who loses his/her self-control due to substance abuse. In the case of a game addict, the gamer loses his/her control over decisions and behavior to gaming. It is possible for a Hardcore Gamer NOT to be a game addict. A Hardcore Gamer whose decisions and behavior are not controlled by games is not an addict.

We adapted this Hardcore or Casual Gamer Test from Gamasutra to help you evaluate how invested you are in gaming. We hope this test will help you reflect and evaluate your gaming habits.

If you are a game designer, this test probably does not apply to you.

Each of the statement requires you to rate it from a scale of 1 to 5 according to how it applies to you.
1 - Strongly Disagree
5 - Strongly Agree

1. I play games over many long sessions of at least 5 hours each.
2. I love to discuss games with my friends and frequently participate in online forums or chat rooms about games!
3. I have great knowledge about the game industry, which includes the latest game releases, new technologies, and game development methods.
4. I will not give up if a game is challenging.
5. I do everything it takes to get my hand on the latest releases, be it game or gear.
6. I like to creatively modify or extend games like giving characters new "skins", programming "aim-bots" and/or even have separate software that gives me an advantage over other players.
7. Ask me anything about the latest releases and developments of gaming-related technologies and I am able to tell you everything about it!
8. My game rigs are always up-to-date with the latest technologies.
9. My goal is to finish and beat the game when I play.
10. I regularly go to the Internet, games-magazines, books and any other sources, to get hold of gaming-related information.
11. I am very competitive when I game and I will spend time to improve my skills to beat other players, the game, and/or myself.
12. I buy games and game-related products even when there is no discount or promotion.
13. I prefer to play games that takes a longer time to play through than one that is simple.
14. I started gaming when I was  younger than 7 years old.
15. I love action and violent games

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