Cywell – The App in Cyberwellness Education

We have been working hard behind the scene to develop Cywell – The App in Cyberwellness Education. We are pleased to announce that it is ready and it is the first cyberwellness education app. Designed with both child and parents in mind, learning about Cyberwellness can be fun through activities and conversations. There are 12 badges to be collected with meeting the requirements for each of the activities like simulated chat room scenarios, interactive stories and quizes.

Cywell covers 4 key areas of cyberwellness, namely:

  1. Netiquette
  2. Game Addiction
  3. Online Safety
  4. Cyberbullying

CyWell Email Pitch

Schools who are looking for cyberwellness educational tool that engages your students and parents can contact us at or for more information.

We will have this available soon in the app stores soon for those who will like to purchase this as individuals. Stay tuned!

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