Jason YOLT Story on MediaCorp

There was so much excitement waiting for 11 May 2018 9.30pm to come. It was amazing to watch Jason YOLT Story on MediaCorp Channel 5 on television. A story that we are so familar with, yet once again we are impacted by the fact that Jason YOLT is a walking miracle. Not only that he is alive and very well, but is ready to fulfill the purpose of his second chance in life.

It is our honour to be working with Jason YOLT, who is both purpose-driven and down-to-earth, shaped by the near death accident and ardous recovery process. An even more powerful part of his story is his ability to forgive the man who nearly took his life and his legs. He walked his talk about choices – choosing to focus on the positive instead of the negative. The footage of Jason having a chat with the man who knocked him down in all smiles and at peace is a testimony of a wholesome recovery of not just physical, but also within his soul. He is a reminder to us that there is little reason to complain but to be thankful.

Below is  the 30min documentary video of Jason YOLT story featured in “On the Red Dot 2018 – EP 6 on 11 May 2018 Friday – Trouble Abroad 2.”

Jason YOLT Now

Jason YOLT is now a motivational speaker to both youths and coporate. He draws out life lessons from his first hand experiences, sprinkled with little surprises and fun moments, making sessions with him memorable and impactful. Below is a short video of Jason YOLT in action as a motivational speaker.

Click here for Jason YOLT’s list of keynote topics with synopsis. For more enquiries and bookings, please email us at ask@soos-oio.com.

We appreciate the effort of the whole team and crew of MediaCorp for putting together this video with such skillful storytelling. Thank you for flying Jason to Cambodia to find closure through the meeting with the man who knocked him.

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