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  • Neil Zaza in Taipei Sep17Neil Zaza Taipei Sept 2017
    Neil Zaza Taipei Sept 2017 is the 24th stop of his tour after 23 shows in China for almost 1.5months. We ran on a very tight schedule for the Taipei stop as we had three things to accomplish. First was the show on 24 Sept 2017 at The Wall Live Music. Second, was a guitar clinic at iRock Music Centre. Third and last, was a video shoot of Neil Zaza in Taipei. The Wall Live Music has been a great partner for the Taipei stop. They took great care of Neil from the time he landed to the time he […]
  • LSL 1 Group PhotoLive Stream Life on Twitch 1st Gen Graduates
    Here's Live Stream Life 1st gen graduates. 5 out of 8 of them taken during SHINE Fest Twitch booth! From left to right, Samuel, Xinhui, Hugo, Jonathan and Charlie. Missing Apple, Jensen and Jared. We will try and get a proper group photo soon! =) We are happy to announce the Live Stream Life on Twitch 1st Gen Graduates under eSports Academy of SCOGA ( The graduates went through 8 hours of classroom time with practical assignments  ranging from topics like understanding Twitch […]
  • neilzaza Taipei 2017 BannerNeil Zaza in China & Taipei Jul & Aug 2017
    Neil Zaza is coming back to Asia this year again, to China and Taipei! If you happen to be in these cities, do drop by and have a great time with Neil Zaza and his music.
  • Danzzan New Cover MirrorHave a DanZZan Date 단짠 데이트
    Bringing together Singapore and Korea Indie Artistes Three Singapore indie artistes and five Korean indie artistes performed at SHINE Fest the first weekend of July. HubbaBubbas (SG) and G-Urban (KR) rocked the stage with Uptown Funk, while Becka (SG) and WABLE (KR) serenaded the audience with That’s What I Like at the ION Stage on 30 Jun 2017 evening. On 1 July 2017, each of the eight artistes did set of 15-20min performance of their originals at *SCAPE Bandstand 5-8pm, including a few […]
  • DanZZan Album Cover Mirror단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date Coming to SHINE Fest
    After last year’s sessions of Magic Behind the Music under, we have been quietly putting together a Singapore-Korea collaboration album, 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date, consisting of eight indie singer-songwriters from both countries. 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date means Sweet and Salty Date in Korean. Each of the 8 singer-songwriters wrote a song on the theme of food and love, expressed in their own unique interpretaion and style. We are delighted to update you that the album is almost ready to […]


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