Three Things You Need to Start Being a YouTuber

Three Things You Need to Start Being a YouTuber

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One of the commonly ask question is “how do I become a YouTuber?” and my answer is here: Three Things You Need to Start Being a YouTuber. As the founding partner of SOOS OIO LLP, working with Singapore youths to grow their social media reach in their area of passion, there are three basic requirements for those who want to start becoming a YouTuber. Before we look at the three requirements, let’s look at two online articles for some tips and ideas.

Top UK YouTuber Jim Chapman ( states that Tesco Mobile research shows that almost 40 per cent youths in UK said they would rather be YouTubers than lawyers, politicians or even popstars. Despite his incidental shot to fame on YouTube, he provided a five tips to those who want to be YouTubers, namely:

  1. Actually Make a Video
  2. Do It for Fun
  3. Be Yourself
  4. Dedication
  5. Be Patient

So popular is this question that Wikihow ( has nine steps listed to answer the question as well and the steps are:

  1. Post regularly
  2. Produce exciting content
  3. Have an original idea
  4. Promote yourself and your brand
  5. Craft a channel name
  6. Respond positively to the work of others
  7. Be respectful

There are 3 foundational things you need to begin your journey as a Youtuber for the long haul, and this is of course based on the presumption that you already have a YouTube account!

  1. ACTION NOT PROCRASTINATION. If your tomorrow never comes, then your dream of becoming a YouTuber never as well! You just need to bite the bullet and decide to start with the resources you have in your hands and not wait for the “right” time.
  2. PASSION. Passion brings fun to the table. It gives longevity to your YouTube channel providing you motivation to consistently research for fresh content in your area of interest, stamina, patience, and tenacity to overcome challenges. Otherwise you will run out of juice before you plane takes off from the runway to build your audience!
  3. QUALITY AND QUANTITY. You will need to find a balance between the both that works for your target audience with the limited resources you have. You need quality content and decent video production to capture attention. But, you need quantity in terms of regularity of posts as out of sight is out of mind is DE rule in the social media world, and sometimes at the expanse of top notch quality.

Give it a shot if you have what it takes to start being a YouTuber as there is nothing stopping you except yourself! Drop me your YouTube channel URL in the blog post comments and I will love to watch and encourage you in this journey!

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