The SOOS-Tube BootCamp Dream

The SOOS-Tube BootCamp Dream is to have an event whereby participants with a passion come together to learn and create online videos, in an encouraging and collaborative environment. This became a reality last Saturday on 27 August 2016. With a clear focus to have participants who are passionate about content creation, I made a hard decision not to have popular YouTubers and celebrities to headline this event. Instead, I invited speakers who work behind the popular online names whom I believe are able to give a different, and perhaps a broader perspective on content creation. This is to draw participants who sincerely want to learn about online content creation. As some of you might have guessed, this means fewer opportunities for sponsorships and also publicity. I am thankful for the generous sponsorship from Resorts World Sentosa (Special shout out to Andrea, Paul, Sharom, Wee Giap, Adzim, Saufi, Shaun, Addy, Danny, Andzhorie, Wak Jan, Bobo, David, Edmund and Jun Kiat) , APACTix (Chad, Shawn, Roy, Shamie, Diana & Cynthia), AYAM Brand (Herve & Norman), and Pezzo Pizza (ZX, Bronson, Angie, Angela, kitchen staff at Sentosa branch who had to make pizzas earlier than usual working hours!), plus partners like OneClickWonders and KCON.TV, made this all possible. Sincere thanks to Richard Frias and Mylen Yamamoto who put things on hold & flew half way round the world to do this with us!

SOOS-Tube Bootcamp Group

Just the night before on 26 August while we were setting up the theatre, I looked at the vastness of this beautiful 1,600 seat hall and asked, “O God, I am super thankful for this beautiful theatre but why did you give me such a big space when I only expected a small turnout?” Potential. The word I got was POTENTIAL. It was shaking me up a little with the realisation that the journey SOOS-Tube Bootcamp starts the participants on, SOOS-Tube is going through as well. The seats remind me that it is possible to fill up 1600 theatre and even larger spaces. Just like how each of the participants has the potential to have thousands and thousands of views and subscribers, making an impact in many people’s lives.

As much as we all want to start with a big bang, with huge numbers and fanfare to brag, most start with humble beginnings and hard work. Same for the SOOS-Tube Bootcamp. Same for many of us. We all worked extra hard, and I am thankful for faithful friends who are like family who came alongside. It takes time to build, sometimes years. There were moments when I questioned the practicality of this dream and thought maybe it was just one of those crazy ideas. There were times when I wanted to drop it completely, or maybe postpone it. When I took a step back, I concluded: “isn’t this all part of life?” I am glad I pushed through to tell the beginning of the story. Yes, the story is still being written just like each of the participant’s journey. I hope that each of the participants will also push through to do what you are passionate about. There are many times we need to adjust and improve, to make things better, but do not lose hope. It is the process that makes us ready for the bigger things ahead!

I was blown away when I saw participants taking out pens and notebooks, diligently scribbling while the speaker sessions were going on. These small actions are cues to me that what was put out  is of value to the participants. When I saw the groups persevering to finish the video challenge, my heart went all out to help them succeed. Murphy’s Law did find its way somehow, while some groups had problems with their editing software and the crazy upload rush meant slower Internet speed, etc all of us did it TOGETHER. It is heart warming to see how groups were helping each other despite having the same time crunch and dealing with various challenges. A special shout out to Group SnapDeaf, who overcame loads of obstacles to get their video up.

53% of the groups are new to video content creation, with new YouTube channels set up. We are so proud of all of them that they completed the challenge by uploading their videos within 4 hours during the SOOS-Tube Bootcamp. The time constraint is designed to help participants to have the first-hand experience in the possibility to create videos within a short time frame, even for beginners. This proves that frequent and consistent video posts are possible and they will definitely get better over time with experience.

Below are the judging criteria for the videos. The top three groups get an opportunity to pitch for a CJ E&M USD 10,000 video production grant! So keep a look out for updates on the grant winner.

CONTENT (Message, Story, Purpose, Clarity, Fluency, etc) 40%
PRODUCTION (Quality of video, effectiveness of communicating the content and purpose, etc) 30%
ENTERTAINMENT VALUE (Ability to captivate audience, “shareability“ of the video, etc) 20%
VIEWS OF VIDEO (Actual number of views of the YouTube Video – Promotion part of things. The numbers will be limited by time but everyone in the challenge has the same amount of time to garner views so it is relative to each other.) 10%
If two groups collaborate or help each other in one way or another, we will award 10% to both groups. Maximum is 10% per group.


The Challenge Results

Here are the top three groups and a special mention of a video by our amazing deaf participants doing the video for the first time:

If you want to view all the videos submissions, you can go to Some of the participants took their videos off from public viewing after the SOOS-Tube BootCamp but quite a number are still available. Do subscribe and like their videos, and even share if you love it, as this is a very practical and tangible way of showing your support!

Photos of the Bootcamp can be viewed at 

AYAM Brand Instagram Challenge

We had a whole bunch of AYAM brand products like sardines and tuna at the event with 20 x $100 AYAM Brand Hampers to be won in the Instagram challenge! The participants had loads of fun and these two fine gentlemen had their little game for the stash.


We’ll be Back!

We are not going to stop after the first SOOS-Tube Bootcamp, just as we want to encourage the participants to continue creating content after the bootcamp. We will come back next year, hopefully, bigger and better! So keep a look out for us.



Winning Videos

Here are the winning videos for your easy viewing but do check out the other videos at


FIRST: 5 Makeup MUST HAVES! IMHO | Soos-Tube Bootcamp by Jynn Looi

SECOND: PUMP X Resorts World Sentosa by PUMP Do You

THIRD: Can You Help Me? by The Hidden Good

SPECIAL MENTION: SnapDeaf by Deaf Video Singapore

Event Page and Event Details:

Special Thanks to:

  • Samantha Danielle Lee, who has been an amazing support especially with her lovely smile!
  • Daniel Ho, who has supported this in many ways than one.
  • Richard Frias, who immediately agreed to come when I told him the idea
  • Mylen Yamamoto, who came even though her own wedding is happening a week after the bootcamp.
  • Lucian Teo, whose humble spirit and support in this has been such great encouragement.
  • Tiffany Yong, who volunteered her help, even as a last minute stand-in when the emcee MIA.
  • Marilyn, who has volunteered since David Choi days.
  • Nic Khoo, who believed in this dream and supported in many ways.
  • Very dear friends who have been so generous with encouragements and practical support.
  • I am very blessed and thank God for each of you! To God be the glory! =)